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New Report Shows California is Producing So Much Cannabis it Could Crash the Market

Jacqueline McGowan, a cannabis lobbyist with the firm K Street Consulting, says that while she is a self-confessed “doom-and-gloomer” about the cannabis industry in California, she would need more information about the Vessel Logistics report methodology before agreeing with the findings.

“Businesses without a product that consumers demand and without relationships with competent distribution partners will in fact be devastated, but the industry as a whole will be able to offer cheaper products to consumers, which is the best way to compete with the unregulated market,” McGowan said.


Pamela Lopez, Partner at K Street Consulting and Founder of Work Equity, Quoted in the Washington Post Speaking Out Against Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

Does a restaurant with a history of sexual harassment allegations belong in a guide to ethical eating? Absolutely not, say critics. They question the inclusion of Pizzaiolo, a restaurant in Oakland owned by chef Charlie Hallowell — accused by more than 30 women of sexual harassment — in the recently released book “Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery,” the subject of a recent Q&A in the Post.

“Work Equity takes great exception to the inclusion of Pizzaiolo as a restaurant which treats workers ‘fair[ly] and ethically’,” wrote Pamela Lopez, the president of the organization, which works with people who have endured sexual harassment, in an email.


Max Mikalonis, Legislative and Regulatory Advocate at K Street Consulting, Quoted in Leafly.com article “California’s Final Cannabis Rules: 8 Things to Know”

Statewide delivery gives consumers a better option than the illicit market, which thrives because about three-quarters of California municipalities ban licensed cannabis stores. Allowing delivery statewide also makes it easier for medical cannabis patients to get the relief they need.

Maximillian Mikalonis, a cannabis lobbyist for K Street Consulting, fought to have the delivery rule adopted. He doesn’t think competition will be bad for local shops: “Rather, it will allow regulated delivery licensees to compete with the unlicensed market that already exists and undermines the licensed storefronts.”

Mikalonis notes that, legal or not, deliveries are happening. It’s better they should be legal. “You can’t ban delivery,” he said. “You can only ban legal, licensed, regulated, and taxed delivery.”


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