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Advocacy, Policy, Public Affairs

K Street Consulting, LLC is a full-service public affairs and governmental relations firm dedicated to providing comprehensive public policy, strategic counsel and advocacy services to private and public sector organizations that desire to influence public opinion, government policymakers or community leaders.

Trust Worthy

At K Street Consulting, we work tirelessly to understand the unique needs, goals, and challenges of our clients.


Knowing the full range of each client’s needs allows us to serve as trusted strategic advisors and advocates.


Our comprehensive insights allow us to develop a tailored action plan for each client that integrates a range of services.

What we Do



Government is constantly evolving. Term-limits, propositions, litigation, popular trends in public policy, elections, special interests, and global crisis all impact government decisions from Sacramento to Washington DC.


Each of our dynamic team members also has far-reaching experience in successful political campaigns, at local, state, and state-wide levels. 


Public policy is never static. Whether in California or Washington DC, government institutions are increasingly involved in decisions that impact corporations, non-profits, and local governments.

Public Affairs

At K Street Consulting, providing effective public affairs assistance is an integral part of everything we do on behalf of our clients.

Association Management

K Street Consulting leverages its experience and expertise to facilitate effective association growth and influence.

Who We Serve

Practice Areas

State & Federal Budgets
Our team has been involved in California’s budget process for over 20 years. We understand the unique strategies needed to negotiate complex state and federal budgeting processes. We have worked directly in developing and negotiating budget priorities.

California’s grand economy, with an annual output of more than $1 trillion dollars, has proven to be both volatile and resilient. For small and mid-size businesses, every possible advantage in such a fluid and competitive marketplace can be the deciding factor in success.

Engagement/Outreach to Ethinc Communities
Empowering and engaging underserved populations benefits entire communities. State-, county-, and local-elected leaders must collaborate with diverse community leaders on a regular on-going basis in order to better understand and better serve their communities.

Education, Arts & Entertainment
K Street’s partners are widely recognized for their expertise in the arenas of state and federal education advocacy. Our knowledge of education policy issues allow us to quickly identify legislative and regulatory proposals and develop effective strategies for responding in support or opposition.

Technology & Energy
California is home to some of the world’s largest industries, technology centers, and energy innovators. Technology-related companies continue to be drivers of innovation and job creation. Our team brings extensive knowledge in public affairs, outreach, legislative, and regulatory strategies

Tribal Advocacy
K Street Consulting is honored to work with sovereign Native Communities as ambassadors to the California Government. We support tribes in gaming and business issues, on education and cultural issues, and on water and other natural resource issues.

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